.:I Am Me:.


There’s more people to thank, but it’s from this week alone that I am extremely thankful:

  • Eric 表哥: Thanks for letting me panic text you while you were at work. (But I guess you were eating lunch anyways ==”) Your texts didn’t help me in terms of my situation, but it did make me feel better. And thank you for saying you’ll bring me food when you visit campus. VISIT LOTS. I get really hungry. Just kidding. You’re the best~
  • Kathy: Thanks for putting up with my constant whining about EVERYTHING. I promise I’ll show a better side to me in the future ^^
  • Mom: Sorry for making you get up this morning to fix my lunch TT I should have told you I would be going to school later. Thanks for not lecturing me about my marks… and just telling me to do my best. I will go beyond. I promise.
  • Eric D.: Thanks for putting up with my whining about Chem 211.
  • Jenn: Love you so much~ You always know what to say. I owe you a big hug from me and Enoch. He was so worried about you; I thought he was going to flip tables. 
  • Jason 哥哥: Thanks for being such a listening ear. I know I always talk to Helena 姐姐 about my stuff, and she’ll end up telling you; but I’m really glad I can talk to you more this year.
  • Charissa: I can be such a jerk. But thanks for being there when I’m being an emotional wreck. 
  • Kristine: You make me want to be better in my spiritual life. You’re encouraging me in ways that I can’t even describe. Thank you love~

God. Thank YOU for putting these people in my life~ They are blessings that you’ve given to me. Despite the pressures of school and church just falling all over the place, you gave me these people to hold me up at my weakest moments.

2 years ago · Oct 26,2011

  1. kinggdeer said: Bella! I love you so much~ I hope your exams are going well~ Kristine dongsaeng will treat her unni to some dessert lovin’ sometime, okay?
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